Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Camp Kaitawa 2017

 On the 13th of March I went to camp with the year 5's and 6's from Kauri 89.

On Thursday night we did the fear factor challenge, which is when Miss Hill comes out with
a spoon with weird food on it. I got weetbix from the morning, I didn't chew once it was in my mouth, I spat it out so fast. After, when we did the fear factor we celebrated Kelly's birthday by giving her chocolate cake. When Miss Hill finished cutting the cake we did the silent challenge which is when we have dessert, and if we talked we had to put our bowl up on the bench.Stephanie was the first one to put her plate up, when she got her plate back she had to blow a kiss to Miss Hill. Jasmine was the next and when she got the bowl back, she blew a kiss and just started laughing, then everyone else started to laugh.  1 minute later Ruby's face matched her name!

 Jessica said she felt an eel so we
 kayaked far away from there and
capsized, it was freezing cold.
 I changed my mind I swam
 and swam and swam and 
I sat in a warm part.

This is when we were at the stream at Lake Kiriopukae,
This is a parent who has long legs and made it getting across, Lou only got her boots wet.
Did you know it was tiny but really it was big!

Here is 1 of the dishes that
judge da meany and judge Kelly
ate. Spaghetti and meatballs and
wedges.  It was YUM, but we put to
much onion in the meatball.


  1. I like how every paragraph is about one topic instead of it being about 4 different things. I also like how you added the pictures, it really made a picture in my head. WELL DONE!

  2. I like the way you put lots of detail in all of your paragraphs keep the good work up

  3. Nice job Gwen I liked the sentence, 1 minute later Ruby's face matched her name. I also liked how you added lot's of detail. Well done.

  4. Amazing Gwen I love the way that you put heaps of detail into your sentences I also enjoy the fact that you added lots of humour into this post.Once again WELL DONE!!!